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6 Ways to Spring Clean…Your Life

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wondering where your sanity is? Ah, Spring. It’s my favorite time of year. I love it because everything here in Los Angeles is still green from the winter rains, and it’s a time of new life and renewal. As far as holidays go, I actually like Easter better than Christmas with all of the colorful eggs, bunnies and chocolate. Don’t’ forget the chocolate.

I, like many people, go through a spring-cleaning period, getting rid of excess junk I don’t use, clothing, and waving my Swiffer wand around like a madwoman. But this blog isn’t about a tutorial on how to do all that, because that’s why Marie Kondo was put on this Earth. Decluttering our lives goes way beyond finally putting that stinky chair out for pick-up and that horrendous green frog holding a flower figurine in the Goodwill pile (yes, I somehow ended up with one of those thanks to my mother):

1. Physical Clutter

Here’s the thing: Your home is an outward manifestation of your internal condition. Cluttered home = cluttered mind. And hey, no judgement here if you like it that way and see no need for change, but this blog may not be for you anyway and that’s okay too. BUT, if you’re just not happy anymore with stepping on toys, your shelves being littered with meaningless tchotchkes, and on top of that, you haven’t seen the cat in weeks, then clearing away a little at a time will also lighten the load in your headspace as well. START SMALL - YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL AT ONCE. A room at a time, or even a portion of a room at a time. Put the things that are even questionable in a bag or a box and put it in the garage or in the attic for a time being to see if you can really live without them, and if six months go by and you haven’t given them a thought, VOILA! Someone else may be thrilled to have them. And the benefit is twofold: Your donations will help someone as well as help your sanity.

2. Life Clutter

This is my hang up. I tend to put too much on my plate and get overwhelmed, then spend a half hour watching dog videos on social media because I have no idea where to start. I have to ask myself two things: 1) What’s the most important and 2) What’s the most expedient to get me to my goal? Then I try to work backward from there. Someone recently told me of a study that showed that putting six, and ONLY six, items on a daily to-do list was the magic number, because six are DOABLE, and you don’t go to bed feeling like a complete failure that day because you had 32 things and only got to two because of the damn dog videos.

3. Situations that Don’t Serve You Anymore

This can be a more difficult one. I’m not saying if you hate your job then quit tomorrow and follow your dreams (this isn’t the 90s anymore), but you can always plant the seeds for a better tomorrow. Maybe you’re in a corporate job but need to take care of that rebellious creative girl inside who is screaming at you so loud she’s given you headaches and ulcers. Sign up for a painting or photography class at the local community college or join one of the gazillion MeetUps in your area. There are also ways you can take care of yourself and remove yourself from situations that cause you heartburn or stress. If the guy in the next cubicle talks way too loud on the phone and chews gum like a cow chewing cud, then make arrangements to GTFO and go work the conference room if you must. Are you not getting the fulfillment you once did from some of your friends? There is no rule written that you HAVE to participate. This goes for any relationship. If it’s not reciprocal, it’s not for you. Afraid of being alone? Don’t worry, it’s only for a short time as the Universe doesn’t tolerate vacuums. But you MUST clear that space for someone better to make an appearance.

4. Internal Clutter in the Body

We are busier than ever. We eat out now more than ever, eat fast food now more than ever, and exercises less, now more than ever. You know where I’m going with this. Your body is a temple – stop treating it like low income HUD housing. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing, and we KNOW this, but practicing is a whole other issue. Make a meal prep plan and follow it. Take your delicious, healthy food to work with you. Go on a sugar detox. I won’t lie, it will absolutely suck for about three days, but I PROMISE, you will feel so much better, and the cravings will disappear. Limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol contributes to inflammation, and inflammation keeps fat and toxins locked inside the body with nowhere to go, encouraging sickness and disease. Also check out some probiotics and superfood for gut health and cellular reconstruction – you’ll be glad you did.

5. Internal Clutter in the Mind

You know what I’m going to say here. I’m going to say the M-word (Mmmmmeditation). Believe me, I am no master. My little monkey mind wanders all over the place. But since I’ve been dedicating the first 20 minutes of my day to meditation, I am happy to report that the little monkey is at least slowing down, and someway soon she will sit down and shut up. It’s a slow process, but I’m feeling lighter, I’m in a better mood throughout the day, am less reactive, more productive and more energized. I know, I know: You don’t have time. If you have time to pull over and get a Starbucks on your way to work, you have time. Either skip the Starbucks and take that 5 minutes for yourself (10 minutes if you’re in an LA Starbucks line) and BREATHE. I think we would all be a little nicer to one another if we just took that precious bit of time out for ourselves. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, I suggest downloading the Calm and/or Headspace apps. They both have guided meditations, and Calm has mini master classes taught by awesome influencers like Depak Chopra and Elizabeth Gilbert.

6. Tithing

Top off your Spring Cleaning with a monetary gift. You’ll be surprised – when you’ve done all of the above, you’ve not only cleared the stuck energy in your inner and outer worlds, you’ve also opened up a channel to have all the goodness you’ve been yearning for come to you. Why not give it a turbo charge by giving a buck or two here and there to your favorite organization, church or charity?

Go ahead – test the Law of Circulation coupled with the Law of Attraction and see what amazing badassery comes your way.

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